Flat Pack Dan Customer Reviews
New customer review.
Flat Pack Dan Customer Reviews
A very positive review

I collected the van from Budgeprint this morning, where it had been booked in to have the new Brighton 01273 610 690 telephone number applied to the body work.

I use a small Hove based printing business called use Budgeprint run by Matt Etkin-Budge, who as always, has done a great job in removing the existing graphics and replacing them with the new.

I can throughly recommend Matt’s sign writing service to anyone looking for competitively priced vehicle graphics or any other print services. They do great packages for start ups too!

Hopefully now that I have made the decision to revert back to a local Brighton number, we will see an increase in the amount of telephone enquiries. I really wasn’t aware just how many people remained in the dark about the cost of calling an 03 number. After conducting some simple research via Facebook and Twitter, there was an overwhelming majority of people who responded saying that they would definitely think twice about calling an 03 number. And on the flip side, would not hesitate in calling an 01273 number. A quick lesson learnt there and a timely reminder that all businesses should listen to their customers!

Proof then, that there really needs to be more education provided to the general public about the cost of calling non-geographic phone numbers. So may people still think that calling 0844, 0845 or 0870 costs a small fortune, when in fact they cost the similar, or the same as calling a local rate number. Come on OfCom, sort it out!

Look out for the van around the Brighton & Hove area and give us a wave if you see us. We might even wave back!