FLAT PACK DAN's new telephone number is 01273 610 690
IMPORTANT NEWS! New Telephone number for Flat Pack Dan
Flat Pack Dan - dial the code 01273 610690
Important! Ofcom – Dial the Code

New postcards have arrived!

Flat Pack Dan posdtcards

I’ve just taken delivery of the new Flat Pack Dan postcards printed by the ever-awesome Moo.

Hopefully this design will catch people’s eyes as they peruse the ads in the newsagent’s window.

If you work in an office with a communal noticeboard and would like to help spread the word about Flat Pack Dan’s services, please drop me a line on 01273 610690 or contact me via the website and I’ll be happy to give you a few postcards to distribute.

Flat Pack Dan = Flat Pack Assembly made easy!